Coaching students toward colleges where they can excel, live & learn like Champions

Welcome!  I look forward to meeting any educational consulting needs that you may have.  Please look around and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you and your family.  Thanks,


Dr. Scott Hampton

Ph.D. Instructional Systems
M.S./Ed.S. Counseling & Human Systems
B.S. West Point


+ Mentored over 800 students who were accepted to 344 different colleges in 48 states, DC and 4 countries, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and Service Academies, who were offered over 80 million dollars in scholarships

+ Class of 2020 Seniors (20) were offered over 4.4 million dollars (AVG=$220,000/student) in scholarships and accepted to 62 colleges in 24 states.

+ Assisted over 80 students to compete in college athletics

+ Visited over 200 colleges in 29 states, Washington, DC., Canada (B.C.) & Ireland 

+ Member: Higher Education Consultant’s Association (HECA) and Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors (SACAC)

3 thoughts on “Coaching students toward colleges where they can excel, live & learn like Champions

  1. Great article! Good luck to your students as they get those early applications in the mail.
    What sets you apart in this field is your focus on the student as an individual— allowing them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. The most successful applicants are self-aware. College admissions can be a brutal process. Students need to remember that their success in life can not be squashed or diminished by the decision of an admissions committee. Best wishes to you and your students!


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