Why Dr Hampton?

WHY hire HAMP’s CHAMPs College Consulting LLC?

GOAL: Provide students the guidance, structure and awareness of opportunities that foster a commitment to excellence, leadership and passion throughout the high school experience to achieve admission to the ‘best fit’ college/career of choice (and earn a scholarship).

Why Dr. Hampton?

1. Tradition of Success: Making Students a Champion for Colleges

  • Many grads in Honors, Fellows, or Scholars Programs in college
  • Since 2011, over 800 seniors accepted to 341 different colleges in 48 states, DC & 4 countries (Italy, Canada, S. Korea, England; 2 states with no apps: Idaho & Delaware), including Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Service Academies.
  • My students have been offered over 80 Million$ in scholarships.
  • Assisted over 80 students (avg 12-15%/ class), including 2 daughters & myself to compete in college athletics (over 6X national avg).

2. Experience, Expertise, Focus, Commitment 

  • Former Director of College Counseling at Maclay School (premier college prep school in Tallahassee, FL)
  • Educational background for counseling, advising, leadership, management, consulting roles
  • Member of Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) & Southern Association for Admission Counseling (SACAC).
  • Visited over 200 colleges (37 in FL) in 29 states, Washington DC, Canada (B.C.) & Ireland
  • Primarily college/career focus vs. many other ‘duties’ of school counselors
    22%/78% Public School vs. 55/45 Private vs. 100% for Dr. Hampton
  • Teaching/Counseling/Advising/Leadership Excellence:
    • 27 years teaching, advising, counseling, mentoring HS & college students
    • Taught/supervised undergraduate & graduate students in counseling courses
    • Highest award for teaching excellence at West Point
    • Mentor for West Point’s inaugural ‘Master Teacher’ program
    • Teaching Assistant award at Florida State
    • Retired Army Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer-final rank of Colonel

3. One-on-One Guidance to supplement school guidance counselor ratios and demands:

  • National avg is 482:1 California is 1016:1)
  • 452:1 for Local Public Schools
  • 35:1 with Dr. Hampton
  • Also provide interview prep/practice, which has helped students earn college admission and prestigious scholarships (e.g. UVA Jefferson, ROTC, West Point)

4. Proactive Engagement

  • Deadlines-contacting parents & reminding students of opportunities/scholarships
  • Avg. Public HS Student receives 38 minutes of formal college counseling over 4 yrs.

5. Accessible/Presence

  • Phone call/text/email/ZOOM any day or time (7am-7pm for texts/calls:)
  • Attends local and virtual college admission events

6. Knowledge/Awareness for student

  • Latest info/insights via professional association listserv from peers across USA
  • Scholarship list (400+ from over 180 colleges)
  • YouScience Survey & ‘fishing’ exercises for college and career exploration

7. Extremely positive feedback from alumni and parents (see testimonial link)

8. Class of 2020 Highlights for 20 Seniors (10 with Senior Success Plan)

  • Offered over 4.4 million dollars (AVG=$220,000 per student) in scholarships
  • Accepted to 62 colleges in 24 states

9. Class of 2017 Highlights (last class as Director of College Counseling at Maclay School)

  • 83 Graduates attending 45 different colleges in 17 states & Washington DC (accepted to 124 colleges).  76% attending their TOP Choice College; 98% attending 1st or 2nd choice
  • RECORD Scholarship offers= over $10.8 Million= $130,000+/student AVG=Highest EVER
  • Over 77% of the class received a scholarship offer
  • HONORS/Scholars Programs: 11
  • Full-ride and/or near Full Tuition Scholarships-10
  • Community Service: AVG approximately 209 Service hours/student
  • 11 Athletes competing in college (13% of Class=nearly 7X National Avg=2%)