Listed below is a sampling of services I can provide.

  • Personal, Professional & Responsive Guidance, Support and Encouragement to Your Child & You.  I enjoy the privilege of fostering life-long relationships with students and their parents while assisting the student’s journey toward his or her  ‘best-fit’ college.  I’m also an ‘advocate and buffer’ between and for students and parents, and I am very responsive/available via email, texts, phone or online ZOOM.
  • High School Curriculum Guidance.  Identify which courses will best prepare student for college majors of interest, selective college possibility for admission, etc.
  • Discovering ‘Who Am I.’  Help student discover WHAT he/she may like to do and explore in college and careers via surveys, research and ‘fishing’ exercises (explores college and career majors in-depth).
  • GET ORGANIZED.  Assist student in identifying college requirements/deadlines and capturing impressions, likes, dislikes of relevant colleges using efficient and effective organizational spreadsheets.
  • REMINDER & Cheerleader.  Encourage/remind student to avoid missing deadlines and opportunities.
  • Standardized Test Guidance (PSAT, ACT, SAT, AP).  When to take them and where to get help.
  • Identifying Possible Colleges that Match/Best Fit Student Interests and Abilities.  I was fortunate to mentor over 800 students who were accepted to over 330 different colleges (including Stanford, Harvard and Yale) in 48 states, DC and 4 countries.  Approximately 75% have been accepted to their 1st choice and 95% have been accepted to 1st or 2nd choice colleges.
  • Providing Tips/Suggested Questions for College Visits and Interviews.  I can also conduct ‘mock-interviews’ for specific college or scholarship interview prep.
  • Building a Resume for Leaders, Champions, Innovators, Artists and/or Community Servants.  Discuss opportunities that foster a passion/niche of interest and capture experiences valued by colleges/employers.
  • Review College Applications and Essays.  Provide college essay essentials-tips, guidelines from admissions officers and experts as well as successful samples of outstanding essays and supplemental essays.  Also provide timely feedback of ALL parts of ALL applications to help students best represent themselves and AVOID missing deadlines by reminding students and encouraging them to remind teachers/counselors of their recommendation deadlines.
  • Academic Enrichment Exploration Guidance.  Encourage the student to discover, “WHAT and WHERE can I explore and ‘see’ my future possibilities during summer or break periods?”
  • Knowledge/awareness of 100s of colleges throughout the USA.  I personally visited over 200 colleges in 29 states, DC, Canada & Ireland.  I am also a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors (SACAC), which proactively share best practices and timely information among professional consultants nationwide.
  • Military Academy, ROTC and Foreign Service Personal Experience and Guidance.  Mentored students attending West Point (where I also attended and served as an Assoc. Professor in the Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership), the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy.  Also assisted students with full-ride ROTC programs at colleges such as Virginia Tech, The Citadel, VMI, Auburn, FSU and Georgia Tech.
  • Athletic Recruiting Guidance.  As a former D1 athlete (football), I had the pleasure of advising nearly 80 student athletes to compete in numerous sports in college, including both of my daughters (DI & DII cross country/track).
  • Paying for College-Knowledge of Financial Aid Process and Scholarship Opportunities.  I assist in evaluating college financial packages and advise families NOT to be shocked by ‘sticker price.’  While I was the Director of College Counseling, the 2017 class of 83 students at Maclay were offered over $10.8 MILLION dollars in scholarships.  Ten of those students earned full-ride or full tuition scholarships with numerous other benefits (study abroad, leadership, etc.) such as the SMU Hunt Scholar.  Prior students have also earned the UVA Jefferson Scholar, Washington & Lee Johnson, Stetson Edmunds and UF Stamps Scholars Program.

Contract & Services

Typical (& ‘extreme’) Costs for College Consulting Services