From students:

“Thank you so much for all your help and support over the years. You’ve truly helped me more than you know. Words can’t begin to describe how much I appreciate all you’ve done. I wish you the best.”

“I truly appreciated all of the one-on-one guidance the guidance department gave me, as well as the fact that Dr. Hampton was always willing to go the extra mile for students-especially when it came to getting into the honors program.”

“Being able to see all different possibilities in all areas and the encouragement to shoot high– made me realize exactly where I wanted to go and why.  Without them, my decision would have been much tougher.”

“…and I also like that Dr. H knows our strengths and weaknesses individually to be able to help us find the right fit.”

“Thanks Dr. H for always being there for me.”

“Maclay’s college guidance activities not only aid students in the process of applying to and selecting a college, but also brings students’ attention to their talents or interest which may play a role in finding their vocation.”


From parents:

“To say the least, you epitomize passion for what you do and compassion towards the student community. We are truly blessed but more importantly grateful for your support Dr. Hampton.  Sometimes I struggle to express myself; this is one such moment.  Our profound regards for literally shaping the future of [our 2 children], and all of their friends.”

“Thank you for shaping lives and just not careers.”

“Thank you for actually preparing our children’s hearts and minds for college in early 9th grade.  Initially I thought it was silly.  Now I see how great that early mindset is.”

“I just wanted to let you know that [student name] is in her 4th semester of college and we still regularly use the ‘Go, [student name], go’ encouragement that you started. It seems to be working perfectly!  Thank you for all you did to prepare her for college.”

“The College Counseling aspect of Maclay is the single-most important aspect of our decision to bring our daughter to Maclay. You [Dr. H.] alone have justified our move to Maclay- THANK YOU.”